Monday, July 26, 2010

She Bangs and Color Coordinated Chorus Line

Last night, I picked up the freebie (Posh) hairs at their shop on The Rumor sim. I tried on all of the hairstyles in jet black and I came across the one pictured above called The Affair. I cut my bangs a couple of months ago in RL, but the weather has been hot lately, so I've been pinning my bangs up and they have grown out. When I comb them down, they look just like The Affair. Time for a trim!

On one of the days at Jazz Cat last week, we started off dancing in a line. I love "line" dancing! I thought it would be funny if the line kept growing, but we ended up in the usual dancing circle. I've also noticed that there have been several days when a lot of us would show up wearing similar colors totally unplanned! Something about seeing avatars move and pose in a synchronized way can make me laugh all day!

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