Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Relay for Life in Second Life

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and donated to Relay for Life 2010 in Second Life. I just checked the The American Cancer Society website and saw that the total donations received was L$53,008,234, which equals $221,503 USD!

Yesterday evening, I stopped by the Infomaniac Racers campsite again because they had a party. By the time I got there, most of the people already left and the things were taken back to their inventories. The hug ring was still there though, so Bud, Waldron, Timo, and I joined together for a group hug before saying farewell to RFL this year. A little after our group hug, Hollyjean showed up and one thing she mentioned was that it's an emotional time because of the ending of RFL this year. I can see it as emotional: months of planning, events, remembrance of those we lost, and the culmunation of the opening and closing of the RFL sims where everyone gathers to share their love and support.


Sharon said...

Kat, we're going to recreate the Garden of Hugs so it can be visited again and again. When it's done, we'll let you know! Thanks for your support...we appreciate it and YOU!

kat kiergarten said...

Thanks Sharon! I'm looking forward to visiting the Garden of Hugs again. It was such a lovely campsite. We need more people on that hug ring next time!