Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catch Up

It's always hard for me to catch up in SL whenever I take a break from it. Even when it is just for a couple of days. I don't receive a lot of my messages, notices, and inventory offers because they cap, so I have to look in my email or open each group individually and check the notices tabs. Usually if I took a break from SL, that means I also took a break from the internet. I read a lot of SL websites, so when I'm back online I try my best to read all of them or at least skim them to catch up. I'm mentioning this now because I was offline this passed weekend celebrating the Fourth of July. If you celebrated it too, I hope you had a good one!

I crashed while doing the Mellow Yellow hunt last week, but I was pleasantly surprised with some gifts from Greenies when I logged back on. The Greenies Home isn't in SL anymore, but I will definitely make a Rezzable account to see them again. Thank you to RightAsRain Rimbaud for the presents.

One of the notices I received yesterday was about The Alphabet Soup Bazaar. There are some nice things at that bazaar and I had an easy time browsing each booth because there was no lag. One of my favorite things I got from there was the shoe box shoes from Stinkeye. It reminded me of The Office (US), which is one of my favorite shows. In one of the episodes, a character's shoes were thrown away, so he had to wear kleenex box shoes to a wedding!

There was a picnic next to the Jazz Cat yesterday evening. As usual, it was good times and it was a nice way to end the long weekend.

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