Monday, July 12, 2010


I never got into the 7Seas fishing game until yesterday when a friend of mine took me fishing. First, we fished at *katat0nik* and I got some cute Merkats. I also collected some blueprints and salvages, but I didn't catch all for a main prize.

Afterwards, we played a couple of 7Seas fishing contests. I remember one was at Adam n Eve, but I forgot where was the second contest. Since I was still a beginner I didn't win any prize in the contests, but I did catch some bikini pieces at Adam n Eve. By the end of the day, I was already in Level 4!

I also heard about the Gone Fishing Hunt, so I stopped by some of the locations to fish for their prizes. I ended up catching some cute bracelets from Lorimae's Catbox and a nice bedroom set from Swayland.

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Kabalyero Kidd said...

7Seas Fishing Game is a fun casual game in Second Life. Although some are somewhat addicted to it. Collecting custom catches is also a very serious hobby by many.