Sunday, July 18, 2010

Infomaniac Racers

I visited the Infomaniac Racers build on the Relay for Life sims today. I tried to look for it by doing a lap last night, but I crashed. I always loved their RFL builds and their build this year is great too. The theme is hugs and around their campsite are various couples and group hug pose balls for photo opportunities.

When I visited, Hyacinth was there and we definitely couldn't end our visit without giving each other a hug!

Around the build, there are also small posters that show people's memories and thoughts about hugs. I came across the one I contributed and now I want to offer each and every one of my readers a virtual hug!

This is the last weekend for the RFL events in SL this year, so visit the sims as soon as you can. During my visit on the sims, I received a notice that the total donations received so far was $214,211 USD! I am sure the donations have gone up since then.


Adric said...

On top of the great theme, design, and of course caring about a great cause, they are some serious dancers.

kat kiergarten said...

Adric, thanks for sharing the video. I wish I could've been there! I heard from Bud Ballyhoo that they are going to meet at the campsite again this Tuesday. Maybe I'll see you there!