Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mysterious Door

A couple of days ago, I received a group notice about new prizes in the lucky boards at D!va. I stalked it last night and I took a seat on one of the chairs close by to wait for my letter. The chair had various poses, so I clicked through them and chose the one pictured above. I couldn't stop laughing when I noticed the person sitting next to me also chose a similar pose and then another person came up to me and asked if I was asleep! There isn't much I can do when I'm stalking a chair or board, especially if it's a no rez area. Some of the things I do are: read profiles, chat and read IMs (rarely any other stalkers close by chat in local), and cam around the shop or sim.

While I cammed around the shop, I noticed a small door in a corner. I've heard someone mention these doors in a group chat before, but I haven't seen one until last night. They are teleporters that people can crawl through to get to another destination. There wasn't anything labeled that shows where it will take me and I was curious about it, so I clicked open the door and crawled through it.

I ended up in the shop's attic area that had a couple of chairs overlooking the gorgeous view of the sim. It's a somewhat private area because I can see outside, but people outside can not look in. It was a fun little adventure and I ended up winning two prizes!

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