Thursday, July 29, 2010

On a Mission for Watermelons!

When I logged in today, I received a message from [S2] about the Kimodameshi hunt. I quickly teleported over to the shop because I saw that the prize was a watermelon gun! At first, I thought that I just had to look for objects in the shop or sim, but I read through the instructions and saw that I had to complete 6 missions to get the prize. In my previous post, I raved about toys and launchers in SL, so I was determined to complete the missions. The missions were fun and they were fairly easy. Some places were scary, especially the ones with zombies that can attack.

I got some small prizes throughout the missions and at the very end I found the watermelon gun! Of course, I already tried it out on a couple of avatars who shot at me earlier when I was unarmed :).

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