Saturday, June 26, 2010

SL7B: Enigma and Absurdity

Last night, I finished exploring all of the SL7B sims that have exhibits. There are more sims, but they only have stages for concerts. I was only interested in checking out the exhibits, so this will be my final post for SL7B.

There was one thing that was definitely present on all of the sims I visited and that thing was cake! One of the last cute and delicious looking cakes I saw was the strawberry cake by AliciaKay Kilara on the A Touch of Ireland exhibit.

I ate so much strawberry cake that I turned into a strawberry myself! I felt like taking a swan dive into the big blueberry pie by Holocluck Henly and Snurky Snoodle. It's located on the Me, Yourselves, and Pie exhibit and you can get the strawberry costume for free there. Right next to the pie is the Stilt Beaches exhibit with the big sheep where you can pick up a free pair of stilts. They are hard to walk in, but they are very fun!

If you like seeing your avatar contort into different poses, then visit the Bodied Words exhibit by pallina60 Loon. Just sit on one of the pose boxes and scroll through the letters and numbers for different poses. There are several boxes lined up next to each other, so you can bring a group and spell something out. While you're there, don't forget to pick up the free rideable pen!

I loved all of the artwork on display by Kerupa Flow. I couldn't stop looking at the artwork pictured above. Looking at it straight on makes it look like it's going in, but when I put my camera at an angle I saw that the prim is actually sticking out!

I enjoyed the SL7B sims this year and I'm looking forward to many more SL birthday celebrations!

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