Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SL7B: Bear Island and Miraculous

I looked at the SL7B sims on the map and decided that the next sim I wanted to explore was Bear Island. I used to collect Linden Bears, so it was fun to see a lot of them on display. The bears looked so cute and cuddly. Some of them are free to take, but you have to click on each to find them. One of my favorites that I got was the Mini Naughty Mole Bear. I also spotted a couple of V2 Linden Bears off on the side.

The next sim I went to was Miraculous and I saw even more bears there. They weren't just on display this time. They were having some fun by having a pie eating contest and playing on ice cream and other food. This exhibit was made by Drama Libre.

Also on the Miraculous sim, I saw a couple of surgeons working on a prim. It is amazing what people can create out of a single prim!

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