Thursday, June 24, 2010

SL7B: Contrary and Visionary

After exploring the SL7B Cake Park, I flew around some more and spotted the dragon by Extrovirtual on the Contrary sim. I'm used to seeing their dragons as Tiny Avatars, so it was fun to see it as a giant. There's a small teddy bear next to it to show the height comparison.

After visiting the dragon, I saw a big furry rabbit with carrots (created by Beaumont Ryba) close by. I decided to stop and snack on some carrots as well.

I was very happy to find the SL7B time capsule on the Visionary sim. I tried putting something into one of the time capsules a couple of years ago, but I forgot to put it in as copy and trans. I still need to find something to put in it this year.

Also on the Visionary sim, I spotted these cute building blocks on the side of an exhibit. I clicked on a block and was given a notecard that answered the question, "So why am I a kid avatar?" I went into the exhibit and saw that it's called Unexpected Childhoods by the Second Life Children group. I clicked on a few more blocks and read through the interesting stories of why they chose to become child avatars. I recommend this exhibit if you were ever curious about them.

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