Sunday, June 27, 2010


Earlier today, I thought of an idea for another machinima I wanted to make. When I got in-world, I looked through my inventory, searched and teleported to places, and rezzed stuff out. I got sidetracked by IMs and SLURLs though, so I ended up doing other things. I'll either film later tonight or tomorrow.

While I rezzed and set things up, I received a group notice from -RC- Cluster. In celebration of the store's 3rd birthday, there was cake, balloons, and gifts at the main store. I quickly teleported over because it's one of my favorite shops. Congratulations to the creator, Redd Columbia!

Afterwards, I teleported back to where I rezzed stuff and I received a group IM about the CVL Volunteer meeting on Info Island. I love to know what's going on at the CVL, so I had to attend. I knew I was going to make it back late, so I just started taking things back into my inventory.

Also, I'm sad that the two teams I rooted for lost. I'm still enjoying my vuvuzela though!

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