Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back and Comics

I haven't blogged for about a week. I started to type out blog posts and even took some snapshots, but I never got around to clicking the "publish post" button and I ended up deleting them. I lost interest in this blog during that week, but I feel my interest slowly coming back, so I'll get to those posts again soon. I also have an idea for my next machinima. I already have the props and I'm still deciding what type of location/setting I want to use. I'll probably have the video done by the end of this week, hopefully.

This evening, I went to the Library Art Gallery on Info Island for the opening party of their new exhibit by Gracie Kendal. My favorite pieces from the exhibit were the comics from The Gracie Kendal Project. The comics show pictures of Gracie in both RL and SL. When I started to use SL more after my newbie days, I formed a connection with my avatar and now I love to hear about or see when others have a bond with their avatars as well. Make sure to visit the Art Gallery soon to see Gracie's exhibit and check out her blog for more comics.

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