Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I crashed earlier today and when I logged back on my whole inventory was gone! The Inventory folder doesn't appear and I only see the Library folder. Although, the top of my inventory showed that most of my items were fetched. I cleared cache and tried logging in using Emerald, version 1.23, Version 2.0, and the Beta viewer, but nothing would show my inventory. Actually, I'm able to log on using Emerald and 1.23, but I can't log on using 2.0 or Beta (I get a Runtime error and then it crashes and I can't log in at all). I only have this issue with my main account because everything works fine for my alt (inventory loads and able to log in using any version).

I pretty much can't do much in SL without my inventory. I would crash whenever I tried to take an object or accept a notecard. I also crashed whenever I tried to open my map. I submitted a ticket earlier, so I'm hoping the inventory issue will be resolved soon.

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