Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Whenever I meet a newbie, they always mention flying. It's usually always something about really enjoying it or still trying to get the controls and hang of it. I enjoy flying as well and wish we could do it in RL too. It's faster than SL walking and running! It's helpful during hunts and I also like to fly over people's heads if it gets too crowded somewhere.

Here's some tips on flying in SL:
1. Slow down when you are about to cross sims or you will end up non-stop flying! You will have to either re-log or wait to stop, which might take an hour or so or probably never.

2. Get a flight feather or Mystitool if you want to fly really high! You may find some hidden places up there, but remember to respect people's private sky boxes.

3. Wear a pegasus, a flying witch's broom, or any other fun SL toy if you want to ride in style :)

I know there's way more tips...add any in the comments if you have some.

Below is a snapshot of me non-stop flying! I was flying around the SL5B sims a little while ago and couldn't stop! By the way, the cute SL shirt I'm wearing in that photo was created by Espin (one of the many talented artists I've met in SL...post about that is to come soon!)!!!


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