Monday, August 11, 2008

Seond Life and Info Island International

I first heard about Second Life about two years ago. I saw a couple of Second Life features on national as well as a local news stations. All I can remember about one of the features was of a lady talking about shopping in SL and using RL money to buy things. I wasn't really interested in knowing what SL was about then. I also saw a SL video on youtube from someone at SJSU's SLIS. I was researching information about their library school and ended up watching the video. I had no idea what it was about then and I didn't know what was meant when the person talking mentioned a sandbox and some hang out area.

On 12/26/07, I did finally decide to see what SL was all about and I'm very happy that I finally joined! It's an awesome place! I love visiting the beautiful places, meeting cool people, seeing all of the nice creations, and shopping!

One of the first places I teleported to was Info Island International. I heard about it from another website and I wanted to check it out, since I was interested in getting a MLIS at that time. The first couple of times I tp'd over no one was there, but I came back another time, which I later found out is when most of the regulars show up. Everyone I met that day was (and still is) awesome, funny, smart, witty, etc. I enjoyed my first visit very much and I knew that I definitely had to come back. There was even dancing when I visited the reference desk that day! As a n00b, I still didn't get the dancing, but I love it now. One of the songs that played while I was there was "I'm a believer" by the Monkees, so now I think of everyone from Info Island International whenever I hear that song.

I met several people at the reference desk that day who I now consider friends today. I noticed that Draconius had a group tag that said, "Ask me a question." Since I was still a n00b, I went over to him with all of my SL questions. I also remember Haldin being funny as usual and before I tp'd away, I said it was nice to meet everyone and then Carrie replied, "Come back, kat!" I'm happy that I found out about Info Island International, met all of the cool people there, and I did come back and definitely still visit!

Below is the first snapshot ever of me at the reference desk! I think several people were at the Philadelphia ALA Conference in RL, so the others in the photo were dressed up nicely for it. When they were about to take the photo, I was standing off to the side because I thought it was just going to be them. Someone mentioned that I join the picture, which I thought was very nice of them. I'm very glad to have this photo! From left to right it's me, HJ, Honor, Haldin, Amalia, ?, and Forelle.

I'm going to use this blog to post entries about Second Life people, places, and things.

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