Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book Island's 5th Anniversary

Yesterday was the kick-off of the Book Island 5th Anniversary celebrations. 

After the talk, my favorite DJ in Second Life, Izzy Upsilon, played music from 2007 (when Book Island was created), requests, and other songs from his playlist.  Everyone danced for close to 5 hours straight, which I think is appropriate because it's like one hour for each year of the sim.  The dance was Best Noob or Pirate costume.   

My very first avatar that I logged onto SL in was the Furry Female outfit.  I still have the torch I received from the Orientation sim in my inventory too!  Come visit the Noob Gallery on Book Island to see newbie pictures of Book Island members.  It was nice to try on my noob avatar again because it brought back memories, but I decided to go with the other option.

There will be more 5th anniversary celebrations for the rest of this month, so come on by to Book Island to pick up an events schedule or join the group.

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